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Бонус 100.00 токенов FACE за регистрацию

Кратко: Бонус 100.00 токенов FACE за регистрацию
Контрольные сроки: исо до March 30, 2018
Биржи: пока неизвестно

Presale successfully completed

Token Sale is live!

Min.pledge: 500 FACE
Initial price: 1000 FACE = 0.0872 ETH
Current Bonus: 0%
Token Sale:

15 February — March 30, 2018
Tokens to sell: 300,000,000 FACE

Сразу после регистрации видим бонус 100 токенов в кабинете
Сразу вводим справа кошелек ефиров
ждем выхода на биржи
в комментариях будут обновления новости и информация по выводу

Announcing our First Exchange! — CEO Robert Pothier in Tokyo

Hardcap is Approaching. The last tranche of FACE tokens is being sold now.
We are proud to announce that more than 60% of total supply was sold in the first two weeks of the Token Sale. We are now commencing the sale of the last tranche of 160M FACE tokens. Sign up to contribute.

— Enter your Faceter account.
— Add funds to your account with any amount and any coins that we accept (BTC and ETH process fastest).
— When your transaction is processed and confirmed, your FACE together with your bonus will be automatically credited on your Faceter account.
— When Token Sale will be closed, you will get instructions on how to add FACE tokens to all popular wallets. Token distribution will happen a week after Token Sale is closed.

Shout out from Seoul

Faceter CEO Robert Pothier about tour to South Korea, Japan and China

Faceter CEO Robert Pothier Answers One of The Most Common Question About Privacy

URGENT NOTICE: As part of our fraud prevention activities, please bear in mind that we NEVER include any account numbers or wallet addresses (to enable you to add funds) in our emails or PMs to you AT ANY TIME and under any circumstances. If you receive correspondence of this nature, it is a SCAM attempt. You can ONLY get your unique address to add funds in your Faceter account AT ALL TIMES.

Our admins do not send you any PMs unless you have written something to us first. We DO NOT give any personal/special/outstanding offers to anyone. We have transparent and FAIR Token Sale rules, and the process is the SAME for everyone. If you get a private message with a scam attempt, please block the user and report to our admin manager @Ei_joviai.

Please, DO NOT CREATE SECRET CHAT, as it is not shown on our laptops and we cannot see it and answer you.

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  1. Token Sale успешно завершен!


    Пока токены внутри в проекте на кошельке нету