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новый майнинг ХЕШКАПИТАЛ !!! hash-capital

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2 варианта скоростей !!!! возможность как сделать депозит так и покупка с баланса !!! Min. Withdraw: — 0.001 BTC — 0.3 LTC — 2500 DOGE — 1 DASH — 0.6 ETH

при регистрации дается бонусная мощность !!! 0.0150 TH/S !!!!


1. How to start?
As a gift for the registration of your accrued power. You can continue to produce on the gift of power, and you can buy more power going to the «BUY HASHPOWER» section.

2. What is the payback period?
The payback period of about 65 days.

3. Referral system?
You will receive 10% of the purchased power of your referral.
Your link:

4. How do your Ether contracts work?
When you purchase an Ether mining contract, you buy a share of a GPU (“graphics processing unit“) to mine Ethereum. The hashing algorithm used to mine Ether is called Ethash (or Dagger-Hashimoto). Ethash requires the so called DAG file in order to perform the calculations. This file grows over time, which means that more operations for each hashing operation need to be performed. This means that the effective hashrate decreases a little each time the DAG file grows This has to be considered when comparing the theoretical output of your hashpower. Online calculators do not take this into account.

5. Other questions?
Please contact the support team will be happy to answer your questions.


Проверка проектов от vip-ref. $$$ Последние платежи. ПРОЕКТЫ ПЛАТЯТ:

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  1. не открывается сайт — жду пару дней и в «проблемные»

    Время ожидания ответа от сервера истекло.

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